Cool Graffiti Character

Cool Graffiti CharacterDo you want the latest Cool Graffiti Character? Find here!Here I will give tips on how to create graffiti characters.1. This is a very good step that shows that there are some really cool tips and tricks on how you should draw certain parts of the graphite character. I give tips on the eyes, eyebrows, different shapes for face, nose, and mouth. Check out this first step to see how you can improve your drawing skills.2. Now it's time to start your study of graffiti characters. Start with a circle for the head, and then add face shape.3. Using the shape and line you drew in the second step, you will start sketching, or draw a face shape. The next thing you will do is start drawing the hairline of the character or hairstyle, as well as the shape of the left ear.4. Finish the hairstyle, you will pull out the shape of the hat that is warning backwards. Once done, pull over the shape of his head in the back, and then draw this character line full lips. Color in the open pit on the front that will be part of his hair.5. Here you will add a hole for the cap string that adjusts, and then draw a line detailing on the cap as well. Once done, pull out hair that is really curly or wavy, and then pull out the eyes, nose, mustache, and beard of a small triangle. Furthermore, the color in the hair includes the sideburns, and then pulls out the initial shape of the fingers that will press down the spray can. Finally, draw the right side of his coat.6. Finish the hand, and then start pulling out the spray can be like that. You will then continue to pull the jacket as you see here, and then move on to the next step.7. Finish drawing your character with a sketch of the pants, and make sure you draw the cufflinks on the tips of his pants or jeans, and then pull out the shoe somewhat redundant in size. Pull his right hand, and then start removing all the lines and shapes of interest in step one.8. When all is said and done, your character will look the way you see it here. All you need to do is color nos him in, and you just finished ed this tutorial on how to draw graffiti characters.In this app we have many pictures featuring Cool Graffiti Character. Many of the benefits of this application Cool Graffiti Character when you download, this free application can be downloaded in google playstore. It has 50 images Cool Graffiti Character. The application capacity is not too large so you still have plenty of room for your phone's memory. And lastly no need to use internet connection to run this application.Immediately get the application of Cool Graffiti Character in your gadget and do not forget to rate this app.
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