Tarot Pro is a free application created for anyone who wants to learn more about their life and the world around them.No ads and unlimited access to all functionality!A unique prophecy system will give you the opportunity to look at yourself, there are several innovative options such as spheres of life (love, finance and health), emanations, day cards, choice of decision or problematic distribution.Tarot Pro is based on Raider Waite cards.The application database has been created by a graduate of a psychotropic school graduate, who has a respectable tarot with great respect, innovative graphics and an intuitive interface that will further entrench you in the tarot world.What makes Tarot Pro different from other applications:- Unique spawning systems- An enormous database- Beautiful graphics- Intuitive interfaceTarot Pro contains unique systems of prophecy such as:Tarot Sphere of LifeTarot EmanationsTarot Your ProblemTarot Daily CardTarot Yes or No
Operating System Android