Pando: A Global Meditation Project

WHAT IS PANDO?Pando invites people of all traditions to come together in meditation. Every month, we post a new intention on our website, and people around the globe respond with love. This global expression is tracked by the Pando App and displayed in real time on the Pando World Map. It's a beautiful thing -- in a world that could use a little more beauty.Currently, Pando is available for Android phones. Support for Android tablets is expected by December 2018, and support for iOS phones and tablets is expected by June 2019.WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY MEDITATION?By meditation, we mean to include all practices centered on the creation of loving intentions -- from Christian prayer to Buddhist meditation to distant healing to Sufi whirling and everything in between. Basically, if you're interested in wishing someone well in a metaphysical sense or sitting silently in thought or nonthought with a particular theme of well-being in mind, we invite you to join us in weekly practice, where your own tradition will add to the richness of the movement.WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?Pando donates 50% of its revenue to charity. This year, the designated charity is Hanoi's Friendship Village, a home, school, and medical clinic for approximately 100 Vietnamese kids and young adults living with disabilities owing to Agent Orange exposure. The other 50% of our revenue covers Pando maintenance, development, and promotion, and if we're lucky, there's a little left over for profit.HOW DO I SUBMIT AN INTENTION?Please email your intention to Joe at He tries to respond to all emails within 48 hours.
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