PEECA ( Positives Engagement with Emotions and Creative Activities) is a kind of magazine, with new content delivered every day. PEECA is designed for Indians and persons of Indian origin overseas. The content comprises sections like Devotion ( including Culture & Traditions from different regions) ; PEECA presents ( showcasing talents, expertise ); Surfing Joys ( carefully selected links ) ; Brain Massage ; Thoughts : OPEN Mic (audios) ; and Gupshup with Shruti. The content on PEECA is by people around (participative but curated; no direct uploads ); It is a showcasing platform for Indians globally. We showcase talents in the fields of painting, dance , poetry, short stories, comedy, Indian authors, social entrepreneur, hair stylist, women entrepreneurs, senior citizen with an edge etc. Showcasing the common man Is expected to inspire others to discover their own suppressed or untapped talents.This is a zero negativity aimed at emotional, mental and overall well being for content providers and subscribers alike.Team PEECA comprises experienced professionals from corporates, Radio, Clinical Psychologist , Teacher, Doctor, Technology etc.PEECA endeavours to promote virtues of solo time in today's over connected lives.
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