"My Healing Vortex" helps you visualize removing your negative issues, emotions and dysfunction to have them taken up by your own healing vortex. Type in or choose a word that names your pain and then tap on the bucket. As you tap, imagine those feelings - represented by the coal - leaving you and being taken up by the vortex and transmuted into light. The effects are enhanced with a vibration as you touch the bucket and watching the coal explode into the vortex. This visualization technique is a powerful tool in helping to rid yourself of negativity that might have seemed impossible to do before. After you're finished, click "finish session" to receive the affirmation and complete the process. This will create space within you to move forward from a place of pain to one of growth and joy.Please visit pointofmatters.com frequently for information on more of our apps. We are also on Facebook at "My Healing Vortex". Thank you!
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