My best Diary face lock 2018 pro

My Best Diary face lock 2018pro is a great secretive app For your secrets in storeThis application can then store all your secrets such as pictures, songs, recordings, through secret numbers,and password,Application My best Diary face lock 2018 pro is among the most important applications for writing personal secrets in adiary app group.This application can savediari segreti, images and special videos in journal secret whit facelock ollowing are some of the use cases where Daybook can be used This application can be used by young men and my diary with a password for girls- As a to-do list app: Journal with pictures helps to organise ideas or thoughts to maximise productivity by making notes and lists instantly. - As a Business diary day planner: Create agendas, write memos, craft presentations as notes using daybook as a task manager app.- As a Trip journal app: Seamlessly enable us to travel journal including travel photos in an orderly manner. camera capture enables to take photos quickly in a simple journal.- As a Daily expense tracker: Organise your receipts, bills and invoices daily. Note and save!- As a Class notebook: For educational purpose, use it as - homework tracker, Assignment Planner, simple notebook, quick reference, creating quick notes with pictures- As a wish list app: A Bullet journal aids note down wish list quickly. my diary with a password for girlsWe have planned to include following features in upcoming updates for daybook app- diary app with Voice-activated actions Using Alexa/google assistant - Daily Mood tracker for diary- Search based on tags or location- Import Diaro (.zip), Evernote (.enex) and Day One for Share and backup- secret diary with a fingerprint lock/diary with voice lock- mi diario-journal notebook daily notes journalmy diary is much more than an ordinary notepad. - Your daily matters and secrets are protected using a password - Your photos and videos - Your emotions expressed with emoticons - Personalised appearance - It is only your world and lock and Considered a great app in store her mane is My best Diary lock 2018 pro. also known as , secret love diary,secret diary with lock,love secret diary,personal diary,personal diary with lock,personal secret diary etc.You have the chance to own an elegant secret journal which is always there for you when you want to confess or when you want to relive great moments of your life.Lock all your secrets and take advantage of some great features that this diary offers you:DIARY ENTRIES - EASY TO USE- see all your diary entries at a glance book locksmith- beautiful main screen calendar with great overview- create, modify, delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way- add pictures functionalityUse this diary and put down all your thoughts or even future plans and follow them as the time passes. Make it your trustworthy friend who never judges you and who's always there for you.A good diary required good features, so here are some of the great features especially created for you:EASY TO USE & BEAUTIFUL- very easy to use yet very comprehensive- beautiful view off all your notes right on the main screen- easy navigation between your diary entries- image add/edit/remove functionality- image library with great gallery view- great overview of your daily entries- quick entry add, edit & delete- beautiful emojis(emoticons) - highlight your mood and feelings- search functionality - quickly & easily search through your journal- export to PDF functionality - save all your entries whenever you wantSAFE & PRIVATE - PASSWORD PROTECTED- password lock functionality to keep your secret save- 4 digit PIN code- functionality for password update, recovery and removal- auto lock after more than 5 minutes of inactivity CUSTOMIZABLE- multiple color styles from which you can choose- multiple font styles- customizable font-size- reminders functionalityOTHER COOL FEATURES
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