JoJo and MattyB keyboard Theme

JoJo and MattyB keyboard Theme applies to all images on the keyboard of your phone and works like a JoJo&MattyB keyboard font in the keyboard.You can also change the background of a photo at any time and its simple steps to implement in all and all Android applications in a simple way.An all-inclusive intelligent keyboard introducing amazing features such as the presentation and operating mode of JoJo&MattyB keyboard, And much more. In addition, new and exciting features like Emojis and many more are coming soon!there are different themes of one of the best star like JoJo&MattyB Keyboard Theme .How to use:1. Open the application settings and click the Activate button (step 1).2. Select the "JoJo&MattyB Keyboard Theme" check box to enable it.3. Return to the application, then click SET INPUT METHOD, and check the "JoJo&MattyB Keyboard Theme" checkbox to enable it.4. Click on THEMES to switch to the different keyboard with JoJo&MattyB background.5. If you want to edit images, you can click CHANGE IMAGES.The JoJo&MattyB Keyboard Theme allows you to enjoy all these features:1. An automatic spelling and style checker protects you from embarrassing errors.2. A very practical layout, making the commonly used keys more accessible than on other keyboards.3. Automatic completion and correction of words using a sophisticated algorithm that adapts its suggestions to your vocabulary and style.4. Predicting the next word by learning your vocabulary and style as you type words.5. A fantastic store that allows you to change the design of your keyboard among a large collection of themes !Finally, I hope you like it,,,TanKs !!
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