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Do you have the best astrology app and horoscope app in your mobile for the personalized future prediction based on your Birth Chart? First Query to our Astrologers are absolutely Free.Astro Veda : My Pocket Astrologer is an effective yet affordable personalized & authentic astrological service with regular horoscopes with clear guidance on your Astrological sign. We are a team of genuine professional Astrologers from land of Himalayas Everest, Nepal, the true astrology zone of the earth and professional developers working 24/7 to make Vedic Astrology easily accessible & affordable. Based on Vedic Astrology, AstroVeda, predicts Health, Sex, Money, Family, Study, Carrier, Love, Child, Aura, Nirvana, Divorce, Yodha; the Power, Marriage Compatibility & Yoga based on the position of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu on different horoscopes in your birth chart drawing your Birth Chart.BIRTH CHART READINGAsk your query to our astrologers & receive a clear, accurate answer, after analysing your birth chart (Kundli). Based on Vedic Astrology, with Astro Veda you'll get:- Precise personal future predictions by your dedicated Astrologers & Gurus- Easy access to our professional astrologers- 24/7 service- Suggestions on Gemstone & Puja according to your Natal ChartYou can ask about almost anything for Astrological Consultation:Horoscope, Birthday, Birth Color, Lucky Numbers, Pregnancy and Miscarriages, Career, Love, Relationship, Compatibility & Compatibility score, Finances, Wealth, Business, Dream Interpretation, Marriage, Daily Horoscope, Child birth, Zodiac Compatibility, Love Compatibility, Daily Horoscope, Soulmate, Education, Debt, Legal Issues.Along with these, we provide insight on your personal and emotional traits, zodiac sign, lucky colors, lucky numbers, gemstones, Puja and offerings with daily quotes.Astrology by date of birth is key to predict about your future. Indian, Hindu or Eastern astrology are another names for Vedic astrology & is based on Lunar Calendar (Moon sign) unlike Western astrology, Sun sign and Nakshatra.How does it work?A. Ask questions â?¢ Create a profile with birth details â?¢ Astrologer will suggest zodiac â?¢ Ask two questions for Free â?¢ The astrologer will answer your query based on your birth chart â?¢ Purchase additional queriesB. Get your Natal ChartInput your shipping address to purchase the product & we shall deliver it to your doorstep.C. PujaWe shall perform Puja and offerings for you to minimize the malefic effects of planets on you (Grah Shanti Puja).D. GemstoneWe suggest you the Gemstone as per your Dashas and Birth ChartWith the app, you will get Free Weekly HoroscopesAries horoscopeTaurus horoscopeGemini horoscopeCancer horoscopeLeo horoscopeVirgo horoscopeLibra horoscopeScorpio horoscopeSagittarius horoscopeCapricorn horoscopeAquarius horoscopePisces horoscopeYou can ask us almost anything and have an Astro Talk:*How will be my health in 2017?*Is it good if I get a divorce?*Is my current boyfriend capable of being a good partner?*I have bought lotto (lottery), will I win it? *Tell me more about my pregnancy & child birth?*Will it be good if I get back with my Ex?*Is he my Soulmate?*How is my career path going to be like?*Is there anyone loving me secretly?*When will I meet the true love of my life & get married?We are striving to provide you the best personal predictions as we have physical GURU, your astro buddy, answering all your queries in person by reading your Natal/Sidereal Chart. Daily Horoscope, Hora, Jyotish and Numerology are different avenues of Eastern Astrology & somewhat similar to Tarot Reading, Sheng Xiao but is considered as the oldest of them all.
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