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Clickastro's new app Free Horoscope & Vedic Astrology generates your Vedic Horoscope with all details & definitions. It lets you prepare your free horoscope by date of birth that captures the unique positioning of planets to analyze the various aspects of your life. Get free horoscope predictions regarding your personality, character, career, marriage, family life, wealth, health etc. Let the precise Vedic Astrology calculations guide you at every instant of life. Download Free Horoscope & Vedic Astrology app!The importance of astrology is that it can tell how the Universe designs a person's life events. Based on the time and place of birth and the corresponding planetary positions, the Universe creates a specific pattern for every individual's life. The horoscope is the tool used to generate and interpret this unique pattern. ThisClickastro app, based on your birth details, generates your Vedic Astrology Horoscope, decodes its data and makes predictions on all aspects of your life. Through precise decoding and analysis, the Free Horoscope & Vedic Astrology app tells about your physical & mental traits and the course of events at various stages & aspects of your life. Install this app for your inclusive personal horoscope and future predictions. Following are the important Vedic Horoscope features covered by this app.Birth DetailsThe Vedic Horoscope generated by this app covers your birth details viz. birth star, rasi&lagna predictions, star lord, rashi lord, lagna lord, ganam, yoni, animal, bird, tree & dinamana.Favourable PeriodsGet answers to your concerns regarding the right time for getting married, finding/changing job etc. The personalized horoscope predictions also include favorable periods for marriage, career, business & house construction.Bhava PredictionsThe Bhavas/houses in Indian horoscope decide the various aspects of the native's life. The online horoscope by date of birth generated by this app analyses your 12 bhavas to provide inclusive life predictions.1sthouse for personality, physical structure & status2nd house for wealth, land, properties, family, skills etc3rd house for siblings, cleverness, courage etc4th house for education, general happiness, mother etc5thhouse for children, mind & intelligence6thhouse for diseases, enemies & obstacles7thhouse for marriage & spouse8th house for longevity, difficulties etc9thhouse for inheritance, fortune, prosperity etc10th house for profession, qualities, fame etc11thhouse for income12th house for expenditures& losses Dasa PredictionsThe Hindu astrology horoscope classifies your life into 9 planetary periods called dashas. This personalized horoscope app gives predictions based on each dasha and its sub periods (Apaharas).KujaDoshaThe KujaDosha check is important in Indian horoscope matching. This Clickastro app checks your horoscope to find Kuja doshas if any.RemediesAlong with the free horoscope predictions, this app gives remedies to overcome the negativities and obstacles in life.YogasThe free horoscope predictions let you know about your yogas- the specific combinations of planets in the horoscope, inducing specific influences throughout life. Transit ForecastThis includes analyzing the current position of planets with respect to their position in your birth chart. It is important in predicting your near future. In addition to your detailed Vedic Horoscope and future predictions, this Clickastro product offers your Daily Predictions (based on Sookshma& Prana) and Daily Panchanga information (Star, Thidhi, Karana, Nithya Yoga, Sunrise & Sunset timings, Abhijith Muhurtha etc). You can also use this app for your detailed Horoscope compatibility checks.Thus, it makes a comprehensive astrology app! Get precise free horoscope predictions in your mobile & get guided by the Vedic Astrology. Why wait to download?
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