DIY Rustic Furniture Ideas

DIY rustic furniture ideasGet the latest DIY rustic furniture ideas here!Most people, even furniture connoisseurs, are of the opinion that pinewood can only be used for workshop saw-horses and for crafting purposes. Few look at or use pine as material for rustic furniture. Pine isn't the choicest of all woods for the exterior of buildings because of its softness and the high sensitivity to temperature changes. However, with careful handling and some pampering, indoor rustic furniture made from pine can add charm to your house. It forges that deep-woodsy and natural feel along with the insinuation of the mild pine scent.Of late Indian wooden furniture manufacturers are sourcing the wood from the higher reaches of the Himalayas.History of rustic furnitureThe trend of rustic furniture was started around the Adirondack Mountains with industry leaders and members of the elite using summer homes and cabins. Since most of the house owners were away during the winter, caretakers of their homes ventured into the woods and collected natural logs and twigs, including pine, which was a sturdy wood. The caretakers often used it for making decorative yet functional furniture.The rustic lookNo country home is ever complete sans some pieces of rustic pine furniture. Recycled pine wood sourced from old barns and even new pine planks are often used for making rustic furniture. You can wither new pine by denting the wood. Keep the wood unfinished or you can use a light stain for keeping the swirls and knots visible.Keeping up the appearancePine is softwood. Hence, some pampering is required for keeping the rustic pine furniture looking beautiful and in good shape. Never place the furniture under direct sunlight or near a heating unit. Pine usually cracks under heat. If you're using a pine-made dining table, use mats beneath chilled or hot food. Use damp cloth for normal cleaning. Never use sprays, polishes or detergents.RepairingDIY rustic furniture ideas, much like other wooden furniture, collects scratches and dents over time. Should this happen, boil some water and pour it directly on the dent or ding. Remove the extra water with a dry soft clot. This usually flattens the dent to normal. Should it not, you can use fine steel wool for providing a slight polished effect for removing the dent. For sporting a shine, you can use block wax on the entire surface.Restoring the shineDIY rustic furniture ideasoften needs some maintenance at times for restoring the shine. Using fine-grit sand paper wrapped on a sanding block and sand the furniture by following the grain for removing the old wax. You can dip a new paintbrush into the black wax and then apply the wax on the entire piece of furniture. Brush in the direction of the grain. Be sure to remove all brush streaks. Whenever the wax dries completely, use another new paintbrush for buffing. To forge a deeper sheen, use shellac or a sanding healer.DIY rustic furniture ideasmade from pine can really add enough charm to your interiors. Just make sure that you don't use pine wood is a pioneering manufacturer and exporter of Indian Furniture for Home Decorations like wooden bedroom furniture.Article Source: Source:
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