DIY Rope Art Handmade

Rope--all types of rope--offers a nautical, rural, rustic charm that makes us want to use it in our homes in less obvious ways. It is an inexpensive material to buy, and its versatile nature really lends itself to some truly incredible and inspiring DIY projects. It's time to think outside of the box, ladies, and bring this not only into your home decor, but also into your wardrobe!If you really love the braided rope look, you could do it on a much larger scale as a doormat or a rug. The result is an incredible modern, nautical-themed statement piece.Here's another rope-tastic idea for a rug made of jute or sisal. The basic concept is really simple, and the great thing about that is that you can really put your own creativity to the test to create a variety of designs. Gluing the rope swirls may seem like the easiest option, but if you're looking for longevity, sewing them is a much better idea.This is a really cute and fun way to spell out some special words, whether it's for a specific occasion or purely a decorative addition to your home. You just need school glue, corn starch and water to harden and set the rope as you want it. You can even add some food coloring for an extra bit of pop.Replace an ugly, outdated light cover by wrapping a hanging wire plant basket in rope and then weaving some strands through it for a pretty design. It's modern, interesting, and no one will have one like it! Just make sure to use eco-friendly cool bulbs.Disguising a tattered old lampshade on a tight budget is as easy as wrapping some rope around it. You can even dye the rope if you want to introduce some color, but the neutral and earthy tone of sisal rope will match just about anything.These hanging lanterns look great both indoors and outdoors; they add a real element of raw, homely charm to your home. The tutorial has a detailed diagram to help you with the lanyard knots so it really is a simple project to complete.Who knew that something as quick and easy as coiling a thick rope on itself could produce something so beautiful. If you can't find cotton rope you can use nylon instead; you'll just have to use a hot glue gun throughout the coiling instead of the Tacky glue.This is one of our absolute favorite rope ideas ever! You can spice up an old pair of shoes, or specifically go out and buy an inexpensive pair just for this. Just make sure you get the shoe and rope colors to match. These ankle straps can even double up as bracelets when not attached to your heels!This rope wall is the perfect solution for people who need to divide a small room without making the area feel too closed off or boxy. The construction may take up a good chunk of your time, but the end result is a gorgeous, cost-effective space saver. This genius project really blends art with functionality.All you need to make these rustic coasters are can lids (or a Mason jar lids), rope, a hot glue gun, and about 10 minutes of your time. These easy and cheap coasters would make a perfect addition to any beach house.Another fantastic beach house decoration piece is this rope-framed mirror. All you need is some foam board as a base to frame the mirror so that you can glue the rope to that. This concept could also work fabulously with a clock or even a picture frame.If you're tired of your old, boring vases, you can give them some new life by simply wrapping them in rope. The sketches show you exactly how to braid, weave, and color the rope so that it looks like you got it at a crafty boutique.Using thick rope as an alternative to railings alongside stairs result in affordable chic design. Make sure you get the right sized shackles; the rope should just barely fit though so that it won't get pulled around and slackened when you place your weight on it.
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