DIY Ribbon Flower Tutorials

DIY Ribbon Flower TutorialsDIY Ribbon Flower is a very nice decoration used in various occasions. You can paste this flower to a magnet or pin and make it as a decoration on your shirt or dress. Using this app, you can learn how to make a beautiful ribbon flower and this app is designed for you who want to make a ribbon flower in a simple way.Before you download this application, there are some short procedures that you can make reference if you want to make a ribbon flower, among others:First of all you have to do is gather the materials needed to make a ribbon flower. You will need some simple materials and materials that are:RibbonButtonHot Glue Gun and Glue SticksRulerScissorsThen, you can start by cutting 8 pieces of ribbon. For the length of the ribbon, you can start with 6 inches, although basically, you can cut to whatever length you want. You have to cut your ribbon twice as long as you want your flowers. For example, my flower is about 3 inches because I cut a 6 inch long ribbon. Then, you can proceed with making flower petals.Each piece of ribbon you cut will form 2 petals. To make these petals, simply squirt a little bit of glue in the middle of the ribbon and bend in each end to stick to the glue. If your ribbon has a 'right' and 'wrong' side, make sure you glue the wrong side. Now we can start putting it all together.To assemble your flower, you need to glue all of the ribbons together. Place a small amount of glue in the center of one of your petal pieces. Grab another petal piece, lay it on top of the first piece so it looks like an X, and press it into the glue. Onto the next petal.Add another petal to this set by placing a small amount of glue in the center and pressing another petal piece to it as shown in the picture.Continue gluing petal pieces on top of your petal set until you have used them all. Try to offset each one so it does not completely cover a petal under it. Now we can finish the ribbon flower.To finish your ribbon flower, simply glue a button to the center. If you do not have a button, you can use anything you can find. You can glue this flower to a magnet or a pin, or you can use this fun flower to embellish other craft projects. You are only limited by your is a simple example to make a ribbon flower, to get a more diverse tutorial, you can start it by downloading this application. This is a simple application that is easy to implement and does not require large storage space. You can use it offline.
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