DIY Dreamcatcher TutorialOne hundred Dreamcatcher Tutorial for you - It is said that dream catcher can capture a good dream, while the nightmare passes through the gap of the hole / nets in the middle. This myth begins with the belief of the indigenous peoples of America (Indian). But unlike the Chippewa Tribe, Navaji and Ojibwe which actually interpret the opposite. Regardless of the true myths are not, the dreamer must be very beautiful to be used as accessories. Because the price is quite expensive, you make your own.Tutorial how to make beautiful dream catcher necklace accessories:Step 1: Cut the wire into a ring according to the size you want (originally ring made from wood).Step 2: Unite the wire into round / circle and wrap it with a suede rope / knit yarn until the entire ring surface is covered.Step 3: Begin to make the middle nets with sewing threadStep 4: Put the beads on the yarn webs or in the center only according to taste.Step 5: After that, cut the suede rope / knit yarn into 3 parts with each length about 10 cm. Then tie the string at the bottom of the dream catcher with a distance of each about 5 cm or according to taste.Step 6: Put the beads and feathers on the three straps by using glue.Step 7: Cut again the suede rope / knit yarn to be used as string necklace, then tie on the dream catcher.Well, with this application will allow you to find Dreamcatcher Design in accordance with the desired.Thank youMay be useful
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