Betta Fish HD Wallpaper Live

Betta fish is an ornamental fish that is very liked by many people because of its beauty.This fish is a fish that has a habitat in fresh water and is found in various asia,has a very beautiful and attractive color and has a variety of fins ranging from moon-shaped fins, fan-shaped, comb-shaped, cloth-shaped very thick, so this fish has a high selling power compared to other fish.The movements of these betta fish tend to be slow and prefer to show their elegance by wagging their fins and tails.This betta fish has a very sensitive nature to the species, especially jetta betta fish and causes this fish will fight when it is in one container of the same.Several types of Betta fish available:===================================- Halfmoon- Dauble Tail- Crown Tail- GiantYou can get various types of fish in this application, so you can enjoy the beauty of betta fish."App Features"-------------------------------------------------- ----Free Download ApplicationQuick Download AccessSmall Application SizeEasy to Use ApplicationBest Quality PictureDownload the application now on your smartphone and hopefully useful
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