DididApp - Set Reminder & Alarm with Photo & Video

Are you bored of using ordinary alarm clock apps? Would you like to wake up with your favoritesound?Do you want an app to remind you about a note, an appointment, any event or meetings? It istime to download DididApp and never forget them with its alarm system!We developed an unordinary alarm clock app for you. You can easily set alarms, reminders orcelebrations. DididApp is the most entertaining way to wake up!DididApp is one of the best wake up call apps!App FeaturesYou can set alarm with the image & video you want to see.You can set a text as alarm. Dididapp automatically vocalize this text for you.You can record your voice to set it as alarm. DididApp is also like a recorder! Also you can setsounds from your phone or built-in ringtones as alarm.After you do all settings, you can test your alarm and Didid it!Vibration and volume options for heavy sleepers.Nice design, Facebook, Google Plus login.You can set an alarm everyday of the weekIf you have any question about the app, please do not hesitate to email us. We will be happy.You can share the app with your friends to support us.
Operating System Android