Secret Diary - Secret Life

SECRET DIARY & SECRET DAIRY with handsome user interface Design, is an private diary with a secure lock that allows you keep your diary safe and all your'e secret life secure from other with a PIN, motif or password. It is also a tightly private diary which lets you arrange every day your secret life. You can fully customize the app : change the colours, the wallpapers and the font. All these are free favor for you.In this unique app. Utilize texts, notes, pictures, songs and emojis to describe and record every moment in secret life!Use all kinds of pictures, texts and audio recoreds that will surely reflect your mood.Append some visual touch to your memories also taking photos and attaching them to the private mermories.Once you saved your data nobody can check or hack even you lost your smartphone!All your secret, memories, thoughts,feelings and experiences can be managed and saved.Secret Diary lets you write daily your memories with a homely simple user interface.FEATURES:- Password & pin code protection- Emojis via Quick access keyboard- Change text-size and font-style in diary apps- Personalize background color- Easy to use- Search entries- Make unlimited entries- Add your photos and videosjournaldiarynotelockdiary appsdairy appdiary with locklock appdork diariesmemoirdiarywriting journaldork diariesthoughts journaljournals to write indated journaljornal to write in with lockdaily dairydiary entriesdairies to write indiaries for freediary notebookwritie diaryjurnal freediarysecretdiary with locksecret diarydaily dairydiaries with a lockdairy to write with passworddiary free app with lockevernotediaryjournaljourneyfoundrysyntaxjournaling appphoto journaldiaromy diarydairy appmy dairymi diariowrite diarymy diary with a password for girlsdary bookdiario personaldiarydiary with locksecret diarydiarys with passwordsjournaldiaryuniversaljournal appjournal app freejournaling appprivate journaljourney journaldiarypasscodemy diarysecret diarydiarios secretosdiariodieryjounaldiarydiary with lockdiario secretomy diarymy secret diarysecret diarymy diarythe secret diarydairy with a passwordmy dairydairypersonal diarypassword locked diarydiaries for freediary with lock password
Operating System Android