Create your own jewelery with a touch! with Producer, on your smartphone or tablet, can you create precious objects with a few simple touches. Create your favorite ring using the components provided by the program, customize each using the editing controls, choose the metal and gems see the object in all its details, and if you like order it, I'll we manufacture.By default, 15 components are available in Producer:- stem for ring- four-pointed round markers- round cast- circle of modules (with the possibility to choose from 11 different modular figures)- anchor- cup- tube- deformable finger- capsule- cylinder- cone- sphere- cube- bollard and earrings for earrings- pendant ringWith Producer you can easily create different types of objects, but if you look for something more looks in the store you can find the right part for you.2 buyable components in the store- modular square gripper that allows you to choose from 3 different cuts of precious stones (round cut, square cut and rectangular cut with beveled corners)- brooch pinEach component is fully parameterized and freely customizable in all its features.The user can choose to apply to every part of the jewel a different material including: yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, platinum and palladium; while for gemstones you can choose from: diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire.With this application we can design our favorite jewels, but if we also want to make them? Nothing easier, just enter the Producer store and tap the "Order My Jewel" button, hence the application will guide you step by step and free of charge in the order process.Producer is in continuous development, with many new features and improvements coming. Need help, you have difficulty using the app, would you like to see implemented some special features? Do not hesitate to report this to us by sharing usage impressions, suggestions, or bugs on
Operating System Android