TimeZoner: Timezones Convertor

Easy convert time from one Time Zone to another Time Zone. Supports several time zones around the world at once, you can change time for one and see time for others. One screen application makes it very easy to use. Choose your time and select the source by tap in the list and it will show you the converted time for other time zones. Track bar selector is a fast way to choose desired time by one swipe/tap. Try to use track bar to choose and you will love it. There is no faster way to select time.TimeZoner is a simple and elegant application you can use to choose the perfect time to have your next international call with participants in different time zones.Key features are:Location choice is based on a city or time zone name.Data base of 21.5K+ locations around the world.Unlimited number of cities or time zones you can add to your list.Convenient 12-hour or 24-hour time format.Synchronized time and time zones based on the accurate data.Automatic daylight saving time updates.Digital and analog clock designs.
Operating System Android