Qibla Direction Finder Compass Using GPS

Qibla app is a android app that helps muslim to find the best direction of qibla and also help to find the exact timing of prayres. this app show the position of Kaaba with the help of its easy and understandable qibla compass. It can give you kaaba direction. You can also find the qibla compass online.Characteristics:With the help of this Qibla selector, muslim prayer times you can:- Find the Qiblah address anywhere and anytime- Follow-up of the Kaaba site with Internet (via GPS) namaz time offline qibla locator modes (manual insertion of the current site)- Selection of several Cobla frames found in different designs- Many languages are English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, islamic finder Dutch, Malaysian, Indonesian, Italian and Thai.For an exact address- Place the parallel device on a horizontal surface (floor, table, etc.)- Keep your device away from electromagnetic equipment- Calibrate the sensor of the device by browsing your device- Although your site is detected but not transmitted by the site Kiblah. best qibla finder. Qibla conect. Easy qibla. Qibla to kaaba. location qibla. Qibla meter. Qibla compass guide. Qibla gps for android. alqibla (salat). Qibla india. Qibla indicator. Islamic qibla finder. qibla direction in Pakistan. qibla ka rukh. Location of qibla. Qibla direction map. qibla magnetometer. Qibla makkah. Qibla numa. Qibla namaz. Namaz qibla direction finder. Qibla pointer for namaz. Qibla position. Qibla qampass. Qibla rukh. Qibla rukh compass. qibla side. Qibla Singapore. Qibla time. fajr time islamic finder prayer times and qibla. shia prayer time qibla and azan. Qibla UAE. Universal prayer time and qibla. Qibla compass UK. qibla locator UAE. Qibla Qibla direction: qibla direction finder. Qibla direction compass free. qibla compass Qibla direction finder offline. Qibla direction compass. qibla direction gps. qibla direction. Qibla direction finder Pakistan. Qibla direction finder free. Qibla direction finder compass. kibla compass. quran with qibla compass and prayer time. muslim prayer times Free qibla app. salat time adhan qibla free apps. Kaaba qibla. islamic apps qibla compass direction app. Qibla guide vis. Best qibla direction. Easy qiblat. Qibla gps locator. Prayer time qibla hadees. Qibla islam. Islamic compass for kaaba. prayer times and qibla india. Qibla kaaba. qibla direction and location. Qibla makka. exact direction of Qibla (). Qibla nama. Qibla offline. Qibla prayer. Qibla Quran. Qibla rukh apps. Qibla simat. Prayer times and qibla Singapore. Qibla touch. Qibla compass for namaz UAE. Qibla direction UK. UAE qibla. Qibla without internet. Qibla way. Qibla wear. Kibla compass.
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