How To Train Dogs

Dogs are social animals just like humans. The proximity of dog behavior patterns with humans allows dogs to be trained, invited to play, live with humans, and be invited to socialize with other humans and dogs. Dogs have a unique position in intercountry relationships. The loyalty and devotion shown by dogs is very similar to the concept of love and friendship. Although it is a natural instinct of dogs as a group of animals, dog owners are very loyalty and devotion of dogs and regard it as a family member. Favorite dogs are often even given the same family name as the owner's name. Instead, the dog regards humans as members of his group. Dogs only slightly differentiate the owner's position with a dog partner who is still a group, and often does not even distinguish it at all. In fact, when a band of herds surrenders, the herd dog who previously barked the officers surrendered by lying on his back beside his master while showing his stomach, this in the dog world is considered a sign of surrender, because his soft stomach is not protected, but instead shown.Dogs are considered to have a high enough intelligence according to scientific research and field evidence. The level of dog intelligence depends on the race and each dog individually. The famous Border Collie race dog can obey and execute various orders. Other race dogs may not be interested in obeying human orders, but prefer to show intelligence in other things like grazing cattle.The origin of dogs as a descendant of wolves that live in groups makes the dog so much easier to train than other animals. As a member of the group, dogs have the instinct to obey. Most dogs do not often have to deal with complicated tasks, so there is no chance to learn things like opening a door without human help. Dogs who have been trained as guiding dogs for the blind can recognize a variety of hazards and avoid them.therefore we need to train our dog with patience and do not get the wrong in the train.dogs that can be trained include:Hairless khallaSiberian HuskyAffenpinscherBelgian malinoisGolden RetrieverAfghan HoundChinese crestedShih TzuAiredale TerrierAkitaAlaskan MalamutDoberman pinscherAmerican AlsatianAmerican Pit Bull TerrierAzawakhMalteseBarbetRottweilerBasenjiBasset HoundBearded CollieBeagleBedlington TerrierBichon FrizeBichon HavanesLabrador retrieverBorder TerrierChihuahuaBoston TerrierBouvier des FlandresBoxerBulldogAmerican BullyShih TzuFrench bulldogcontent of this application : how to train a doghow to train golden doghow to train pitbull doghow to train dog focushow to train dog instincttrain the dog to be fiercetrain the dog to obeytrain the dog not to be aggressivetrain the dog so as not to be fiercetrain the dog so as not to bitetrain the dog so as not to barktrain the dog to avoid cowardtrain the dog to not pupil carelesslytrain aggressive dogstrain the dog grab the balltrain hunting dogstrain hunting dogstrain the dog standingtrain the dog to defecatetrain a dog to defecate in the bathroomtrain a chihuahua dogtrain chow chowtrain the dog from smalltrain dogs quicklytrain the dog with a clickertrain adult dogstrain adult dogs to defecatetrain golden dogtrain golden dog to defecatetrain herder dogtrain husky dogtrain the street dogtrain the village dogtrain the dog urinetrain dog obediencetrain dog kintamanitrain hunting dogstrain pitbull dogtrain a rottweiler dogtips on training a chihuahua dog
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