** MoneyMantra , Money Mantra , moneymantra , money.mantra , wealth mantra , WealthMantra ,Rich , Lakshmi , Secret , Prosperous ** Who should download this app.All those who wants to get rich and prosperousAll those who believe in the power of wealth God ..Ma MahaLakshmiAll those who believe in the concept of "The Secret"All those who is looking for success in businessAll those who believe in Miracle of God.A very powerful wealth generation mantra which has the capability to remove the poverty from one's life from the root of it and bestow abundance of wealth in one's life if listened or chanted (advisable to chant 108 times which would take 40 mins) this mantra along with devotion and dedication.While you listen to this mantra, it is advised to close your eyes and feel that Maa Mahalakshimi (Goddess of Wealth) is showering the abundance of wealth in your life (as shown in the animation) and you are getting richer and richer all the day and all the night.
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