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BOTY is a mobile app connecting people at the bar. BOTY provides enhancements to the bar experience for customers, bartenders and establishments. Technology has disconnected us by fooling us into feeling connected when we are apart. BOTY uses technology to reconnect people face to face at the center of connectivity (the bar).BOTY enhances your bar experience providing something for everyone - bar customers, bartenders and bar establishments and co-workers.FOR BAR CUSTOMERSa) You can check in your location and discover who else is clubbing at the same bar. You can party at the best pubs and nightclubs and show your checkins in an easy and fun way.b) You can chat, meet or flirt with new people, make new friends over tequila and find good company for a happening nightlife.c) Follow/invite friends and bartenders, visit other people's profiles, see the bars they visit for clubbing along with their favorite beverage be it margarita, wine, vodka, martini, bourbon or any liquor drinks they like.d) Give ratings & reviews to bartenders based on their bartending skills and get information about where to get their services. e) Are you a cocktail lover? Get some of the best martini, margarita and mixed drinks recipe along with other cocktails recipes here from your favorite bartenders which are easy to prepare. f) Play exclusive game trivia and drinking games at bars and even get free drinks if you win. Isn't that amazing!FOR BARTENDERSa) You can create your profile on BOTY to socialize and communicate with customers, friends and other bartenders. You can follow them, chat with them and make your customers happy.b) Promote your bartending skills and earn more money as you can get ratings from customers.c) Share your new and best liquor & cocktails recipes and increase your followers.d) Share information with all about your working place and working hours. Let customers and friends know when you're behind the bar.e) Separate your personal life from the bartender business. Establish useful networks, connect with people at your pub and fulfill the social aspect missing in your life.FOR CO-WORKERSa) BOTY Work is a fun and inspiring place to work, play and connect. b) Transforms hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants into spacious work spacesc) Members have access to entire network that offer relaxed areas to workd) Take advantage of high speed internet and utilize outlets to recharge your devices e) Members enjoy complimentary food and beverages. f) Participate in networking events and community connections.g) Interact through daily trivia games to win prizes at bars and pubsBOTY Bar Challenge - BOTY Bar Challenge is an interactive, self-paced adventure. Part bar crawl, part scavenger hunt - grab some friends, have wine or vodka and challenge yourself to make it to the last bar. Solve clues and search for hidden QR codes to unlock challenges in each bar. You can also take advantage of happy hour specials to play this game. That being said, there is no time limit, feel free to go at your own pace!Use the BOTY mobile app for a self-paced bar crawl. Connect and meet new people, play drinking games, have fun, flirt and be free! Whether you're on vacation, out on a date, or just hanging out and clubbing with friends, BOTY App is a fun way to experience the coolest bars, pubs and nightclubs to get the best nightlife in the cities you live or visit.Are you thirsty? Get the recipes for your favorite mixed drinks & cocktails from expert bartenders and establishments from all over the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, beer, a punch for a party or an original mixture, we have recipes for every taste and occasion. Make your own martini, margarita, Bloody Mary, bourbon drink and so much more.Want a feature we don't have? Contact us at and we will try to help.
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