Shoes are not just footwear for babies. There are a series of benefits for the baby that may be less than we think. What are the benefits of shoes?Protect baby's feet from sharp objects. Supports body weight, so that the center of focus rests on the correct position. This position will form the correct gait.Shoes is one of the inseparable completeness of baby and child. Shoes and baby shoes are very important to always wear because it will protect the feet from germs, bacteria and harmful objects. Selection of sandals and children's shoes should also be noted, so that shoes and sandals are worn in accordance with the child's foot size and comfortable when worn.This application is a collection of examples of toddler shoes with a funny model, so it can facilitate and be your reference in choosing the right baby shoes for your baby.Features:Lightweight appsSmall sizeCan be run without any data / offline packetsThe best picture qualityFreeDesign Category:children shoesgirls shoesbaby girl shoesboy shoesbaby boy shoesbaby shoeslatest girls shoestoddler shoescute baby shoes
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