Shaw Bears Booster Club

This App is for direct communication with the booster follow and interact with the events via push can take pictures inside events and share with the team. The original objectives and purposes of the "The Club" were:A. To promote the spirit of fellowship among fellow alumni and friends of Shaw University.B. To strengthen our relationship with the "The Club" and the Athletic Department of the UniversityC. To present, encourage and sponsor activities, which will enhance the reputation of the "The Club" and the University and interpret the same to the public.D. To provide financial support through fundraising in accordance with NCAA Division II policies, University guidelines, federal and state laws, and all applicable school and conference policies.It was in 2002 that for the first time since 1978, the Shaw Bears played football. The changes at Shaw University also ignited a spark in the Bear Booster Club. It was at this time that The Booster Club, which was dormant for a number of years, was revitalized by a small group of interested parties. We revamped and resolved to return to our original ideals and goals with a new, determined fervor. The Bear Boosters support the Shaw Bears in competitive sports activities, program development, expansion and improvement of the athletic facilities, and the general upgrading of the overall athletic program, so that Shaw University can be a more viable institution in mainstream athletic competition.
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