At Alcidae, we design our products to its fullest capabilities and beauty. Our newly introduced Alcidae App is no exception. Download the Alcidae App NOW to connect, control and manage your Alcidae devices, all in one place!Latest Alcidae Family Release:1.Garager - Visual Controller for Garage Openers2.Homester - Weatherproof, Wireless HD Wi-Fi Camera3.Visioner - Compact Sized HD Wi-Fi CameraMajor features for our wireless camera products include but not limited to:1.Real time video streaming2.Cloud storage and video playback3.Remote control device4.2 way audio transmit5.Real time notification (motion/sound)Follow this simple 3 step procedure to enrich your Alcidae experience:1.Sign up for an Alcidae account2.Add device to account using Wi-Fi/QR Code/Device ID3.Access and control your device at the ease of your fingertipsWe strive to provide the best and seamless user experience, but unfortunately nobody is perfect! If for whatever reason you encountered any App/device related issue please contact us at are a young startup that is continuously improving. We are building a smart home ecosystem that not only works, but works for you seamlessly. To learn more about our products go to:
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