Tarantula is the name given to one type of spider with a very large size that is generally hairy. These spiders enter the Theraphosidae family and there are at least about 800 species that have been identified. Most species of tarantulas are not harmful to humans, and some other species become famous for being traded as exotic animals. The tarantula can bite, because like the spider in general the tarantula has its fangs and bites known to be painful to humans, but the toxin in its bite is weaker than the poison found in the honeybee in general and its bite is known to be more painful than the wasp sting. Tarantulas live in warm regions around the world, some spiders are found living in their underground nests, some living on the ground, and others living on trees. They are also found in rain forests, deserts and deserts, as well as other habitats. The distribution of its habitat includes South America, southern part of North America, Southern Europe, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia.
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