Our mission at In-telligent is to keep people safer and more informed. Cluttered email inboxes and scattered social media feeds prevent us from noticing the important information that is sent every day. With this in mind, we created an app that you control to keep you informed of things happening in your world. Through the use of geolocation and manual selection, you're immediately alerted about important news and announcements as they are happening in the communities that are critical to you. By downloading In-telligent and logging into the app, you'll immediatley start receiving relevant and sometimes life-saving information from the In-telligent communities important to you. You shouldn't have to scroll and search for the information that matters most to you and your family. And when an emergency does occur, In-telligent ensures that you will be informed immediately - no matter where you are. Even associations, charities, organizations and other "virtual" communities that you care about can connect with you through In-telligent. With In-telligent on your device you're better connected to all the communities you care about, just by living your life the way you want to. In-telligent FeaturesReceive Life Safety AlertsDesigned to get your attention by pushing notifications past the silent switch and other notification settings on your deviceAn Emergency Override button silences your device in situations where silence is imperativeReceive Regular AlertsRelevant and location-based communication received in real-time from the communities (physical or virtual) you care aboutCommunicate quickly with the community managers without needing their email address or phone numberNews and SearchesCustomized internet and social media searchesNews and information that you determine is delivered directly to you when it occursAlways Connected. Always Aware. Always In-telligent. Download the app today.
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