Cute Kitty Pink Cat Launcher Theme

Hello and thanks for checking out one of my cute cat themes. This cute pink and blue Cute Kitty Pink Cat Launcher Theme has a beautiful pink polka dot wallpaper that will make your home screen look awesome. Custom designed simple and beautiful pink icons give the cat theme a pretty style. If you like doggy themes or kitty themes you're going to want this on your phone, go install this now. Cute Kitty Pink Cat Launcher Theme Features: Gorgeous pink polka dot wallpaper background. Lots of detailed pink and blue theme icons. Matching lovely and realistic weather icons. Fun animated kitty and hearts weather widget. Home screen management is simple and easy to use. Smart folders that auto sort and help organize your apps. Smooth 3D effects on screen and folder transitions. Plus many more options to personalize your launcher experienceThis adorable Cute Kitty Pink Cat Launcher Theme requires a launcher to apply. This app is not supported by all launchers. Please install this theme and follow the simple instructions. Is there a launcher theme you'd like to see designed? We listen to all suggestions and recommendations. Please let us know what you'd like to see. Lots more animal backgrounds and pet launcher themes are on their way. If you have any questions about this Cute Kitty Pink Cat Launcher Theme please email us. Thank you for supporting our app designs.
Operating System Android