Experience your aquarium in an entirely new way. The Current USA LOOP app turns your android phone into the ultimate wireless command center for your LOOP aquarium products. The LOOP app makes it incredibly easy to wirelessly control, program and synchronize your aquarium lighting, wave pumps, return pumps and much more. Highlighted Features: Locally connect wirelessly to any Current USA LOOP compatible product via Bluetooth - Easily control aquarium lighting, wave pumps and return pumps - See and hear realistic, on-demand weather effectsOrbit Marine IC LED Lighting- Program your daily lighting schedule including sunrise, sunset, daytime & lunar colors- Manually adjust the lights to your favorite color using the color sliders- Set a daily weather forecast or randomize throughout the daySimulate natural weather effects on-demand, including: Rolling clouds (with audio) and random clouds- Approaching storm (with audio) - Lightning & rain storms- Multiple moon and lunar lighting effectseFlux Wave Pumps- Connect and control 3 channels of eFlux wave pumps- Choose from wave/short pulse, surge/long pulse or stream/steady flow mode- Adjust flow from 0-100% and wave frequency- On-demand FEED mode turns pumps off for 10 minutes for fish & coral feeding- Primary/secondary mode allows pumps to synch/anti-synch flow- Optional night mode syncs wave pumps with lights, reducing flow at nighteFlux DC Return Pumps- Wirelessly control and set flow rate- On-demand FEED mode- Manual on/off controlTemperature- View current water temperature- Set min/max levelsAudio- Listen and relax to realistic weather and ocean sounds found in naturePlease Note: Prior to using this app, all components need to be connected to a LOOP Blueooth Controller.
Operating System Android