Street sweeping costs Denver residents thousands of dollars per year. We've created a free mobile app that makes street sweeping tickets a thing of the past. It takes you less than two minutes to sign-up, add alerts, and start saving money. Add Alerts: With the Street Sweep Alert app you can add unlimited alerts to ensure that you never get a street sweeping ticket again. This app makes it easy to add multiple alerts for your home or workplace. If you park on different sides of the street, you'll want to make sure that you add multiple alerts. Get Notifications: You choose how you want to get notifications from the Street Sweep Alert app - text, email, push notifications, or all three. How it works: You input the address and we'll tell you if it's safe to park there. A green thumbs up will let you know if the coast is clear, a red thumbs down will let you know that you need to move your car and miss getting that street sweeping parking ticket.
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