Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper

3D Earth and Sun in your homescreen. Image is based on video from International Space Station (ISS) by NASA, which makes it super realistic. Share with your friends. Try a lite version to estimate the quality of wallpaper. Advantages - even in the Free version: Fully spherical surface without angularity. Auto rotation around axis incl. based on current time. Realistic Sun and atmosphere. Realistic day and night sides based on video from ISS by NASA. Shadow effect when the Sun is fully visible (as real camera shutter speed changing). Specular lightingSettings: Position (in the PREMIUM version) : Distance to planet - Left-right position - Up-down position. Auto-rotation around axis. Auto-rotation of camera around the planet (in the PREMIUM version). HD textures - in the PREMIUM version. Quick settingsAdditional information: Wallpaper supports phones and tablets (landscape and portrait orientation). Battery saving: Consumption of resources is only if visible - Frames per second limit. OpenGL ES 2.0 requiredSome of the described functions are only available when purchasing the full version. Application can be extended to the full version by downloading the paid version. When you taking in-app purchases, you get lifetime access to the acquired functions, even if your phone changed or data is lost.
Operating System Android