Irresistible Woman Talisman

This Talisman is specially designed to give you beauty, confidence, and seductive charisma, to make you happy, adorable and sexy. Buy this efficient Rune Magick Talisman and start creating yourself into an irresistible woman master piece. Rune descriptions: The first rune is Wunjo. The Wunjo aids the twinned powers of courage and cheerfulness and helps self-confidence. It also used to make yourself pleasant and generally beloved. As the rune of synthesis, or, as it is otherwise called, "rune communication", Wunjo attract new relationships and dating. The second rune is Uruz - "The Bull", Rune of Might. Uruz gives the male masculinity and femininity for women. Uruz embodies the unbridled force of life, and can be a kind of catalyst for the events which create a new situation in life. The third rune Wunjo at the and of this runescript is used to promote successful completion of any enterprise, and symbolize the often folktale closing - ". and they lived happily ever after".
Operating System Android


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