Ganesha Pooja and Mantra Pro

Lord Ganesha is the overlord of Ketu and the ruler of obstacles in material and spiritual matters. This divine elephant-headed has a special power that permits him to see obstacles that are going to arise and to intervene and prevent the obstacles from taking effect. Ganesha brings happiness and success; he is always ready to give, all you have to do is to ask. Offering pooja to Ganesha or chanting his mantra will bring results, for He is truly a "God of the People". This app from AstroVed is designed to help you connect with Him. Start offering pooja and listen Ganesha mantras from the 3 popular selected ones. He will grace you and move you to higher realms of material and spiritual refinement. The virtual pooja and mantra section will help to lift your consciousness to the next level, uniting you with your inner guru. It will help in stabilizing emotions, enhancing intelligence and enhance your problem solving skills.
Operating System Android