I think you have a lot of various appointments and have a child-rearing? The busy and carelessly forgotten would also. At such times book this parenting schedule. Useful feature is packed in how mother. various display method (day, week, month view) First of all, such View Ya as watch the schedule of the day at a glanceDisplay watch the one week of the schedule. Course month view I can also. appointment with the icon. Than troublesome sentence to put the appointment, tap an emoticon icon. Just flick & drag in the time zone you want to put as it is. Wrong easily if drag even if this time to you've put? Tteyuu. When you tap the icon you can also fill in details. Possible input to be of any child appointments to keep putting the information in the child. With notification function so as not to forget. Though plans were put, the people who care. is to make sure there is a notification function. For us to inform the favorite time because from one hour before some 10 minutes ago. yourself I can customize the schedule. There is no plan icon necessary. If that isWhat okay because any available icon is 6 kinds of in. Of course, I can finely input details. And d effortlessly to busy mom even a littlePlease use all means.
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