Using Jingling, send requests to local businesses for the things that you need, in real-time. Using their version of Jingling, local businesses that serve only what you're looking for respond with what we call "Jingles". Jingles contain each businesses' information, photos, reviews, directions, store hours and maybe even a special deal. For shoppers: You initiate requests, so you'll look at every Jingle that is sent to you- Easy to use- Message the businessFor local businesses: Cost-effective and predictable pricing- Easy to implement and to use- Built-in analytics- Customer reviews only after Jingle is redeemed- Set pre-set Jingles that trigger automatically in response to requestsAs a shopper, sending a request with Jingling is easy: Choose a category - like Food & Drink - and enter up to 5 tags - for ex. Comfort Food, Outdoor Seating, Live Music, and Patio- From where do you want this request to go out? From where you are, or from where you're going to be? - How far do you want the request to go? Choose from as little as a mile or up to 30 miles. Set a time limit for your request to expire. Enter a brief description of your need, if you'd like. If a Jingle appeals to you, accept it, and now you and the business can message each other right through Jingling. You can review the business once the transaction is completed. Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
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