Law of Attraction Focus

Law of Attraction Focus - Daily Positive Vibes to Manifest Positive Outcomes in Your Life. "Be careful what you wish for, " the saying goes; but what happens when what you want doesn't come to fruition? What happens when you feel your dreams slipping like sand through your fingers? The Law of Attraction, one of the most powerful laws in the Universe, is not a mere hypothesis, but a fact. Nonetheless, most of us struggle with understanding how to use this Law. The truth is that setting your intention is not enough. You may feel that you are doing everything right, but when you don't align with what you want, you must be missing something. Here are the things you need to know in order to become the master of your reality: Set your intention from the heart. Repeat your intention and focus your attention on it. Surrender your need to control the circumstances of your life. Have faith. Be patient. Be grateful. Do you feel that the Law of Attraction is not working for you? If so the Law of Attraction isn't working for you because you are setting your goals from a space of desperation and fear. Instead of going towards what you want, you tend to run away from what feels uncomfortable. Keep in mind that some disturbing circumstances may be in your life for a certain reason. It is said that some things will not disappear from your reality until you learn what they were designed to teach you. But do not worry about that. Even the most unfortunate happenings can go away, the moment you decide to let them go. As you download this app and open it often, you will be automatically shifted your vibration to manifest your desires with daily inspirational messages right there on your Android phone/table. You can even bookmark too and share your favourite messages. Pay once and use it for lifetime. No Expiry Date.
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