Dining Note: Simple food diary

+Did you have breakfast this morning? Let's start a good eating habit by recording the food you eat every day. +Do you want to record your dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend? You can also write a simple diary with who, when, and where you ate. +Did you need a simple food management diary app for diet? It is a simple UI and provides only the necessary functions. +Do you get tired of eating three meals a day alone? If you record your meals every day, you may find yourself easily eating well. +Do you remember what you ate and whom you met last week? Do not worry, the Dining Note app will remember it for you. +Do you care about how many cups of water and coffee you drunk during the day? Every day you can record how much water you should drink. The coffee can be adjusted properly. +Are you interested in a number of drinking this month? Added drinking management tab for adults. Please enjoy drinking moderately but pleasantly. Outline of the function of "Dining Note". + Record breakfast, lunch and dinner. + Record snack. + Record coffee and water. + Record number of drinking. + Provides a simple monthly statistics UI. + Provides photo attachment function.
Operating System Android