Astrology - Occult Pro

''Astrology Occult Pro" is an App based on Prashna Astrology which will reveal the fulfillment of various questions that you may have in your mind. This app is your portal to know the result of various questions and curiosities. This App predicts the answers of questions based on various "Chakras". First of all, a Chakra will appear on the screen based upon your question of choice. Thereafter, you will have to touch/tap a name on the screen with your eyes closed and while meditating on your deity. This will display the result of the question on the screen. Note: It is advised that this Prashna Kundali be used once a day. Only then will there be a high possibility of accurate predictions. Mindsutra Software Technology or its Associates shall not be responsible for the predictions of this app. The person using this app will bear sole responsibility of the favorable and unfavorable outcomes of using this app. Notable Features: # Hindi and English languages# Runs Offline (No need of internet to run) # No Ads.
Operating System Android