Are you trying to make changes in your life? Do you want to make the next step in your relationships, career and life? If so this app is for you. It is simply a collection of great lists, ideas, articles and motivational suggestions on ways to improve yourself. A few of the items included are: Coping With Troublesome In-LawsWays to Volunteer Now. Ways to Improve Your StyleMost Common New-Year's ResolutionsFighting Food CravingsReasons to Get a Personal TrainerPlan for RetirementTips For Saving MoneyInternet & Computer AddictionMistakes Employees MakeTips for Self-ImprovementTips for Making FriendsHow to Stop Porn AddictionFixing a Parent-Teen RelationshipBucket List Items You Should AddTips for Beating DepressionRead Way More BooksStopping Dirt at the DoorTips For A Clean, Well-Organized ClosetWhen the Kids are Home for the SummerStop Drinking So Much SodaBetter Yourself One Day at a TimeEssential Tips for Learning SpanishResolutions Successful People MakeTips to Keep Your Life OrganizedNo Time for Exercise? 10 Ways to Control FearAdvice for a Long and Healthy Marriage. and much more.
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