6ya - Instant Tech Relief

Connect instantly with a repair or tech professional who can answer your questions over a short phone call via voice or video on your smartphone. There is no cost to you, no waiting on hold, no talking to automated representatives and all of our vetted experts are located right here in the United States. No strings attached - just download the app, talk to an Expert and get your answer now. POPULAR CATEGORIES Cars & Trucks, Home Appliances, TV & Video, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Electrician, Handyman, Office Equipment, Phone & Fax, Motorcycles, and many more. HELP IN SECONDS Instantly talk with an Expert who can answer your questions. No need to scour the internet. An Expert is available immediately to help you troubleshoot and get to the next step. TRUSTED PRODUCT EXPERTS 6ya's growing and talented pool of thoroughly vetted experts are available when you need advice, instantly.
License Free
Version 1.7.1001
Operating System Android