Summer Rain & Nighttime Sounds

A quality collection of refreshing and amazing sounding summer rain and nighttime sounds that can help you relax and bring you closer to nature. It's the ideal relaxation app for people on the go and is a great way to help relieve stress because with Epic Summer Rain and Nighttime Sounds you get high quality sounds right on your device for instant playback at any time, anywhere. No Wi-fi Required. Perfect for use in travel, noisy hotels and at home, simply to help you unwind. Take a break with the sound of gentle rain or pause for a daydream at the end of your day. For some people, a natural background ambience improves concentration and productivity and can improve attention span and focus by blocking out extraneous and distracting noises. Summer Rain and Nightime Sounds work well for masking unwanted background noises and can assist you in having a sound sleep so you can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Can help if you have problems with tinnitus too. Each sound is engineered by hand and crafted to bring you to a calming interlude with every listen and keep you close to nature and the outdoors. You can even learn more about clouds and rain with the bonus eBooklet content - Cloud Identification Guides from the weather experts at NOAA. Summer Rains and Thunder Storms - Six sounds including the epic Rain and Thunder 12 minute loop and a total of 24 minutes of rejuvenating summer rain sounds. Summer Nights and Forest Sounds - A natural collection of five original, high quality forrest and outdoor nighttime sounds and a total of 22 minutes of high quality audio loops that are great for covering unwanted background noise. Bonus - Skywatcher Cloud Charts - Learn to identify and classify clouds with this bonus guide from NASA and NOAA the weather experts - en Espanol too. Bonus - Introduction to Cloud Identification - the junior weather watcher's guide to cloud identification from NOAA Set your audio player to Loop or Shuffle for continuous play of these natural harmonic outdoor sounds or choose your favorite loop for seamless play. Now you can relax for less than a cup of tea. NO Ads - NO Spam - NO Worries. Reminder: With so many sounds, this app may take a few minutes to download. It's totally worth the wait. Also the Skywatcher Charts might take a moment to load because they are large files. Function List (depending on your device) -Set sound as ringtone -Set sound as alert -Set sound as notification -Set sound for personalized contact tone -Downloadable audio-Share via email, text, bluetooth -Shuffle mode (in mp3 player mode) -Repeat current, repeat all (in mp3 player mode) for continuous play -Does not include a sleep timer -Includes an exclusive in-app promo link for more sounds from Epic Sounds and FX - completely free.
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