Welcome to the Halo Family. The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm is the intelligent way to protect your home from fires and carbon monoxide. After you've created your Halo account and connected your Halos to the app network, you'll have access to an array of great, easy-to-use features, including: ROOM NAMINGSelect the rooms for your Halo inside the app. You can check the status of each Halo by room or, in the event of an emergency, the app will alert you of which Halo has detected a problem. PEACE OF MIND The Halo app can send notifications to your phone, so you know that your home is safe, wherever you are in the world. HUSHIf Halo has issued an alarm, you can 'hush' the alarm, which will silence Halo until a threat (like excess smoke or carbon monoxide) has reached a critical level. MANAGE HOMESIf you've installed Halo in multiple dwellings, you can check on and maintain the status of each. TESTINGRun tests to ensure your Halo is working properly. INSTANT INVITESSelect family or friends from your contacts and issue them access to managing or viewing your Halos within the app. Some features, including notifications, require a working internet connection and Wi-Fi. We're adding exciting new features regularly. We're committed to bringing you the highest quality product. If you notice something isn't quite right, email us at support@halosmartlabs.com so that we can improve your experience, fix the issue, and help your family feel protected.
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