Great Discount Place is beyond just a discount platform. As a matter of fact, our ambition, energy and focus is to "enable mobility & create experience towards consumer freedom - without circumstances". Freedom that for the first-time enables you to get the best savings (for your money) via discount coupons across your expenditure and purchase needs, choices and wants on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The idea is simple, every time you step outside for any purchase or expenditure, you should save substantially and not be restricted to limitations on either type, purchase size, minimum guarantee and format for any purchase or expenditure. GDP - Great discount place, enables you to be in control of the kind, size and quantum of a purchase or expenditure you may need, want or would like to have. How it works: Download the app and insert the promo code GDP65GDC. This gives you a further 65% additional discount on all listed discount coupons on GDP and your eWallet will be deposited with INR 799 spending money (free of cost) on our behalf, for you to begin experiencing GDP. 1- GDP is a market place that gives the consumer a choice of local, small, midsize and pan India merchants/retailers/brands. This space will give the consumers the choice between 74+ categories with discount patterns ranging between 3%-80% across all registered merchants/retailers/brands on GDP. The discount coupons will be sold at a very subsidized fee. These coupons in the form of a text message/email will then be tallied at the merchant's/retailers/brands outlet and the discount percentage will be applied to the final bill for that service. 2- "ZERO" monetary relationship with the merchants/retailers and brands has created the nation's first transparent business platform that now gives the merchants/retailers and brands control on their business which has led to a deeper service provided by the merchants/retailers and brands to the consumer. GDP also allows for a distinctive B2B platform amongst merchants/retailers. The geographical mapping of merchants/retailers within a city, paths way for a unique merchants/retailers alliance platform to reach deeper consumer base within a city. 3- Merchant Introduction Program (MIP), enables the consumer to introduce a merchant/retailer/brand to the GDP platform. The introducing consumer will get a flat 50% discount on the discount coupon of that merchant/retailer/brand for the next 10 transactions. There is no limit or geographical condition to this program. Consumers can introduce a merchant/retailer/brand from any corner in India. 4- Efforts at GDP will always be that the consumer at any point of time gets a 75% - 2000%+ value on the actual price he/she pays for a discount coupon on GDP across any category. (E. G: 15% discount coupon of a SPA at INR 80. Final bill for the consumer is INR 5000. Actual saving is INR 750 - INR 80 = INR 670. (670 is 840% of the value of the discount coupon purchased on GDP). 5- There are multiple options for digital payments on GDP. You can have your own ewallet or use credit/debit/cash cards, net banking, mobile payments and UPI. GDP has no cash transaction/purchase model with any merchant/retailer - GDP uses cc-avenue as as the payment partner. 6- GDP is closely associated with INJECTED GDC ( This discount card enables the consumer to get (the applicable discount offered by the merchant/retailer) real time on the spot on the final bill. More about INJECTED GDC on the mobile app of GDP. Please ensure to go through the T&C, privacy policy and Refund and cancellation policy. For your information: Pune: 6200+ outletsGoa: 1400+ outletsMahabaleshwar/Panchgani: 380+ outletsLonavla: 200+ outletsPan India: 19000+ outletsWe increase the merchant/retailer count and outlets on daily basis and will launch additional cities soon. #dontstress, #livelihoodsimplified.
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