Tasty Anime Recipes Pro 2.0

Tasty Japanese/Anime Recipes Pro Version 2.0: Features: Fast and sleek user interface, ideal for browsing recipes- Twenty hand-crafted recipes for the perfect meal- The ultimate selection of traditional or anime style starters, mains, or desserts for yourself or for that special someone who will greatly enjoy the surprise. Try a whole new different cuisine today. The exotically unique Japanese cuisine has evolved separately to the rest of the world for several centuries, and today features in an iconic cultural bastion in the rest of the world. Learn to make world-famous sushi, or perhaps try your favourite dish from an anime you've seen, such as chicken katsu. If you're in the mood for something sweet, one click will get you to the deliciously creamy mochi dessert which is so popular in the West. This app will provide you with all the knowledge required to cook your own 3-course meal in either the Traditional Japanese style or with a touch of playful inspiration from anime. Suggestions: Try Japanese evolutions of familiar dishes, such as the Japanese beef curry, okonomiyaki (Japanese style 'pizza'), and ramen (Japanese style noodles) to add a unique twist to your meals. Serve up the nabemono (hot pot) at a family gathering or with friends for a unique and memorable dining experience. Make the teriyaki salmon bento box to show your affection for someone you care about.
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