Family Locator Locategy

Locategy allows parents to manage their children's mobile experience, protect them against possible threats and allow the family to enjoy the benefits of a Mobile Lifestyle. Locategy Family locator uses GPS tracking technology. Locategy may also be used for tracking elderly people and family members and for receiving automatic alerts when they reach pre-defined places by using GPS tracking or other capabilities of the mobile phone. GPS trackingLocategy Family Locator uses GPS and state-of-the-art GPS tracking data to report the location of your family. Just install Locategy on your phone and your families' phones, so it can act as a family locator, sending you GPS tracking alerts when they arrive to a defined location. Geo-fencing alertsReceive automatic alerts when your family members reach or leave a pre-defined locations (school, home, etc. ). The alerts are sent when tracking systems, using GPS tracking, detect a location has been reached. Locategy acts as family tracker. Set time limits on appsSet a time limit on specific apps to help your children to focus their attention at school, at meal times or bedtime. Family supervisors (parents) can block apps for a certain period of time. It is a parental control, but specific for mobile apps. LocationTrack your loved ones' locations at any time. With a simple button you can see where they all are at any time. Locategy is a family locator that uses GPS tracking to provide location. It can be used as a family tracker, but also for tracking phones when lost or stolen. Usage reportsView how your children are using their devices, including calls and time spent on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Remote wipeIn case your child's smartphone is lost or stolen, besides tracking it a parent could execute a remote wipe to immediately erase all photos, videos, contacts etc. and restore factory settings. That will protect the child's identity and privacy. Location historyView the current and historical locations where your child has been over the last few days. It acts as a family locator but also providing historic movements using GPS tracking, as a family tracker. Multiple accounts and admin profilesMonitor multiple child devices. Different family members can monitor all the children's devices as a family locator or family tracker. Elderly peopleLocategy enables caregivers and family members to immediately locate people under their care such as the elderly or people with disabilities. Locategy sends automatic notifications to family members when the people they are monitoring reach or leave predefined places. Who uses Locategy? Sophia can find her son at any time. She and other family members receive automatic alerts when he reaches school or when he gets home. Locategy Family Locator implements state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology to help on family logistics. Emma is worried because someone stole her mobile phone, and she does not want anyone accessing her private information. With Locategy, her mother can execute a remote wipe and restore factory settings so that nobody can see its content. Ethan has two daughters with their first phone. He can restrict the use of specific apps at meal times. This helps maintain a family conversation without distractions. In addition, usage reports may detect if there is any kind of inappropriate behavior William has lost his phone and can't remember where he left it. When at home, his mother locates it at a bookstore where he left it by using Locategy location features, including GPS tracking. Phone tracker and family locatorLocategy family locator is a reliable phone tracker for all the family members, and uses GPS. Our unique algorithm provides a reliable family tracker service, and fit purposes to manage family logistics and mobile parental control by letting to block apps remotely.
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