Tapkey turns your smartphone into a super-secure key for all kinds of locks -- homes, offices, cars, boxes, delivery services, and many more. FEATURES. SIGN IN - Simply sign in with your Tapkey account, securely identify via your Tapkey ID or Google ID> KEY RING - Always have all your mobile keys ready on your phone. Even in offline areas you're able to use your personal key ring. UNLOCKING - It is easy and fun. Just tap a Tapkey-enabled lock with your phone ("Unlock via NFC") or tap the Unlock-Button in your key ring ("Unlock via Bluetooth") > ACCESS MANAGEMENT - was never easier before. Home owners now securely send Tapkey keys to family members and service people such as plumbers; Airbnb hosts send mobile keys directly to their guests; Business owners benefit from easy-to-manage and very cost-efficient access management. KEY FOBS - as an access alternative you're able to issue key fobs directly with your NFC-featured smartphone. SECURITY - is a topic we at Tapkey take very seriously. All your mobile keys are protected using the same type of security used by banks and credit cards. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can remotely disable all its keys, and easily set up your new phone as your new key ring - just by signing in with your personal account. BUY TAPKEY-ENABLED PRODUCTS. Tapkey-enabled products can be ordered via shop. tapkey.com or any of our product partners. For further questions please don't hesitate to contact us via www.tapkey.com.
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