Secrets to Awakening Kundalini

This Amazing App contains a new video meditation and talk as well as a 25 minute guided meditation which gently opens up your chakras (energy centers) so that one day you will experience a joyful Kundalini awakening. The exploration and opening of these chakras will help you to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are. This meditation gently awakens the most powerful healing and manifesting energy on the planet that has been dormant within you. When the amazing power of Kundalini is fully awake, you will experience the Divine within everyone and everything. The more you practice this meditation, the more magical your life becomes. Hi, my name is Jafree Ozwald and I've spent the past twelve years of my life coaching thousands of people from all over the world the most effective manifesting techniques, principles and habits in history. I've seen my clients dramatically shape shift their lives, and manifest all kinds of outrageous and amazing things.
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