Athan - Prayer times and Qibla

Stay on top of your prayers during Hajj with Athan. You can log your prayers in the PrayerBook in a fun and easy way to track your prayer schedule during Hajj and explore holy places with the help of the Mosque finder tool. The comprehensive Athan app contains useful tools like PrayerBook to help users in tracking their prayer performance, Mosque Finder to find nearest mosques, Qibla indicator to find accurate qibla direction and Calendar to track Islamic events. Prayer Alerts: Get Prayer timings for thousands of cities worldwide- Hear the Athan at every prayer time- View the remaining time for each prayer and see the prayer timings for the entire dayMosque and Qibla Finder: Enables you to find nearby Mosques, organizations, schools and businesses, along with their contact information and directions- Integrated Qibla direction for thousands of cities worldwideCalendar: Notifies you of all upcoming Islamic events (includes both Hijri and Gregorian dates) - All new Hijri-Gregorian date converterPrayerBook: Build your very own personalized Athan profile: add your closest friends and family to the Athan network- Know your prayer progress with the help of detailed graphs and timelines- Track prayers by logging them in your own personalized PrayerBookIn-App purchases: Now enjoy a smooth Ad-free experience & SEVEN new Athan voices from all around the globe.
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