Chakra Frequencies PRO/HD is about Enjoying a blend of custom music and visualizations for each Chakra, without the need of WiFi or G3 Internet. The Chakra Frequencies App is also designed to give people an app that has ALL the Solfeggio Frequencies into one app instead of a pile of them in the Google Play Store. These are RAW Hz frequencies for the 7 chakras. This app is intended for seasoned Spiritualists & Pagans, if you're not familiar with Chakras or Chakra Frequencies, please research them before buying this. Music composed by: Maritza Santana. FEATURES: 9 Chakra songs, each with their own 3D/HD visuals. Fullscreen 3D & HD visuals, for each chakra. Play all chakra music and visuals at the same time (or separately). Play all frequencies alone, from 1-7. Play all music in random order. Play All chakra music from 1-7 & from 7-1. Hide visuals (Battery saver mode) WARNINGS: You need to plugin the headphones or plug the Tablet into Stereo speakers, but make sure you always, ALWAYS turn OFF the equalizer so their is no distortion. Turn any equalizer or sound booster off so you don't hurt your ears. Also the higher chakra frequencies are very loud if the volume is high, turn it down before loading the higher chakras like crown & third eye. This goes for your phone/tablet as well, so never use these frequencies if your equalizer or sound booster is on, to check go to your sound settings or multimedia settings and turn off all sound enhancement options that may cause distortion. IMPORTANT PERFORMANCE NOTES: Recommended hardware requirements to run without lag: Dual Core CPU, 1+ GIG RAM - Check to see if you meet these first before purchasing. Updates add new features. Technical Support Email for any bugs: support@bookofshadowsandlight.comSpiritualists ENJOY.
Operating System Android