Introducing bucketnote - the app that lets you preserve your memories, thoughts, victories and foibles-all the uniqueness that is you-for friends, family and future generations when you're gone. With a few easy taps, you can write notes to loved ones, make photo albums of your favorite vacation, record videos or voice memos or anything at all -- so you have peace of mind that nothing goes unsaid. It's the only app of its kind to offer a save-as-you-go feature letting you revise until you get it just right. Rest easy, we'll make sure your notes, videos, photographs and audio messages get deliveredEssential Features. Enjoy a seamless experience on every device. Complete privacy - notes are completely private until they are ready to be shared. Many formats to choose from - text, image, audio and video. Cool add on feature like bucketcapsule that lets you pick a date in the future to send a message for a big event, wedding day, graduation or any special date to you. Convenient, easy and secure.
Operating System Android